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Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing


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Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing were added at Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC in Feb of 2012.  Since then the slurry micro team has excelled and installed many projects for cities, counties and private installations. 

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The leaders of this team, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Santiago Llamas have over 50 years of experience between them and are respected throughout the industry


Telfer can install Type I, II, or III slurry or microsurfing depending on your need and design


 Slurry  Micro

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Telfer Pavement Technologies (TPT) specializes in the manufacture, distribution, transportation and application of asphalt products for, and related to, pavement preservation. TPT services include Mike_Crosby_and_Ronnie_ColeChip Sealing, Slurry and Micro Surfacing, Bonded Wearing Course,  Evotherm™ Warm Mix Additive,  Dust Control, Fabric, Mat and Grid Installations, Sand Sealing, Fog Sealing, Tack Coat, Prime Coat and Asphalt Rubber Production.

Our services are performed through our various locations.  Click here to visit our "locations" page to find the office nearest to you:

We are proud to service clients in Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Utah and Oregon from our eight California locations.

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Chip and Scrub Seals



Chip sealing is a surface treatment designed to prolong pavement lifespan and provide a smooth road surface.  Chip sealing can be used on both new or aging pavements.

Benefits of chip sealing include:

  • Improved driving comfort
  • Protection from oxidation, aging and traffic wear
  • Fast application with quick return to traffic
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance, fuel costs and travel time
  • Long-lasting


Our services include:

  • Estimating
  • Emulsion application and spreading
  • Asphalt Rubber production and application
  • Chipping/sweeping/rolling
  • Traffic control

Contact us today to determine if chip sealing is right for your road.

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Dust Control

dustcontrolroadDust control improves safety, improves driving efficiency and aids in meeting mandated air quality standards in many state and local governments. 

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Fabric/Mat/Grid Installation


dsc01650Whether installing paving fabrics (polypropylene), paving mat (fiberglass/polyester) or paving grids, Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC is here to assist. 

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TPT Geosynthetics and TPT Southern California provide installation services for all types of interlayer products throughout the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. 

To learn more about the benefits and uses of interlayers, visit the California State University, Chico Pavement Preservation Center's website and view the Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide on Interlayers.



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